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Posted on Sep 13, 2017 in Best of Disney, Dining, Walt Disney World | 0 comments

Best Snacks At Walt Disney World

Best Snacks At Walt Disney World

Best Snacks At Walt Disney World

This is a snacking guide for begginners and Disney pros who are looking for something new to try at Walt Disney World Resort and Theme Parks.  If you have never been to Walt Disney World and are planning to these are the snacks you should be on the lookout for especially if you are doing a Disney Dining plan and are not sure which snacks you should try.  If you have been to Walt Disney World before than maybe you missed some of these snacks or have not tried or heard of some of these.  Whatever the case let us know in the comments below what snacks you like best or are most excited to try if you have not tried them yet.

Make sure you get to the bottom to see the number 1 recommended best snack in all of Disney World!.

Top 5 Must Have Snacks at Walt Disney World

These 5 snacks may not be your favorite but they are basically a right of passage.  Talk to any frequent Walt Disney World vacationer and they will most likely tell you have to try these snacks.

Iconic Walt Disney World Snacks

These snacks are almost a right of passage for a Walt Disney World Vacationer.  Many of these snacks are found at many different locations throughout the parks making them a good go to snack no matter where you are in Walt Disney World.  Anyone who has been on even one Walt Disney World vacation has most likely tried a few of these and if you are a frequent visitor you have most likely tried most, if not all of these snacks.

Best Snacks Voted By Facebook Groups

Go on to any Disney Facebook group and you are going to get a combination of the items from the Iconic snack list above and the following items.  These items seem to be the classic iconic items with some of the lesser known items that you will not find at as many locations as the iconic items.

20 Snacks You Have to try…According to This YouTube Video by “Disney Food Blog” (DFBGuide)

KnoWDW’s Top Snack List

This list is my top favorite snacks at Walt Disney World that I recommend and always get when I visit.

How To Get The Best Value From Your Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits

Not all snacks are created equal at Walt Disney World.  While your snack credits from the Disney Dining plan will work for any snack item available to Disney Dining Plan users you will notice that some snacks cost a lot more relatively than others.  If you are more concerned with gettin the most value from your Disney Dining Plan snack credits than you will want to pay attention to prices of snacks and use your snack credits for the more expensive snacks and just pay for the cheaper snacks.  This video below will show you some tips and ticks on how to get the most bang for your buck with Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits.

The Most Recommended Best Snack In Walt Disney World

If someone is going to recommend you one snack more than any other snack that you just have to try at Walt Disney World, a snack that is unique to Walt Disney World that you wont find anywhere else, a snack that is widely considered the greatest snack not only at Walt Disney World but anywhere…

  • The Pineapple Dole Whip!

Go on Facebook, Twitter, ask your friends and family who visit Disney often if you should try a Dole Whip at Walt Disney World, ask them if they think it is good.  There is a good chance you are going to see them light up with excitement when they tell you about how awesome Dole Whips are.  I can tell you they are amazing.  This is coming from someone who almost always goes for a chocolate snack or dessert.  There are few fruity snacks that I would take over chocolate.  The Dole Whip is not only a fruity snack I would take over a chocolate snack but I prefer it over a good amount of chocolate snacks.

Let Us Know What Your Favorite Snack Is In The Comments Below!

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