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Disney Vlog: “Disney Junior Breakfast and Animation Onboard” Disney Cruise on Disney Wonder with Michael Kay

Posted by on Dec 21, 2018 in Michael Kay, Vlogs | 0 comments

Day 6 of the Father/Son Disney Very Merrytime Christmas Cruise is here and it was quite a day at sea! We took some extra fun photos saw movies and even became guest animators!


PREVIOUSLY: DAY 5 of Michael Kay’s Christmas Cruise with his Father on the Disney Wonder “Stuck Between the Disney Wonder and the Disney Dream”

Day 6 Begins with Breakfast at Animators Palate

Michael and his dad start their day at Animators Palate for a very special Disney Junior breakfast. The breakfast is mostly meant for kids but all can enjoy while Disney Junior Characters come around. Michael notices everyone wearing napkin hats and wonders if that’s a right of passage that he will learn about.

They ordered their food and it was brought out to their table in about 2 minutes. Michael was impressed that he got basically a walk in reservation because they didn’t book it before the cruise. Jokingly but seriously Michael says he needs to do a diet when he gets home which is a nod to all the wonderful yummy food he has eating aboard the Disney Wonder.

Movie and Lunch

Michael and his dad head to on board theater to see Incredibles 2.

After the movie they head to lunch at Cabanas and get some seafood. Michael makes mention that Seafood corner might just be his favorite.

Michael shows off his new pin for a Tron Light Cycle and it’s a limited edition of only 300 other pins made.

Next they are off to their favorite place on the ship, the Ice Cream machine lol.

Michael meets Mickey and Mickey is in his Christmas gear and Michael in his tropical clothes.

Michael mentions one of the plans for the day which is Frozen the stage show.

Michael comments on sea days and how there is so much to do that he really enjoys the sea days on a Disney Cruise. There is magic to be found on the ship.

Michael meets Minnie Mouse.

Next Michael comments to the level of service on the Disney Wonder. He says the service is perfect.

Showtime for the Frozen Stage Show on the Disney Wonder

Showtime for the Frozen Stage Show. Michaels favorite show on the Disney Cruise. Michaels dad is blown away. He said that after the first part the show picked up and he loved it. He said no matter how many boat trips you have to take you need to see Frozen, on the Disney Wonder, and Beauty and the Beast, on the Disney Dream.

Bubble Gum Smoothie

Time for a new drink.  The drink of the day is the Bubble Gum smoothie. Michael tries it and enjoys it. He said it’s kind of a weird thing because you want to chew it since it tastes like bubble gum. It is a paid treat (about 6 or 7 bucks) so Michael says he wouldn’t get it every day but maybe once a cruise he’d get it.

Michaels dad’s favorite place to hang out on the boat is Cove Cafe Adults Only area where it’s nice and quiet. Michael has a hard time getting him away from that location.

It’s hard to believe there is only two nights left on the cruise.

Relaxing Some More at Cove Cafe Characters and Pin Trading

The guys relax by Cove Cafe for a little bit. It is nice and quiet since the main showing of Frozen is currently going on.

Next they head to meet characters and get some pins at the pin trading box. It becomes crowded quick but Michael was able to get the special pin he wanted. Michael is all ears after the pin trading as well was just beaming excited about the pin and the experience.


Pro Facts from Captain Henry

Michael bumps into Captain Henry who was extremely kind. The captain told Michael that of all the Disney Cruises that go to Castaway Cay only 1.3% miss Castaway Cay. Michael was surprised that the number was that low he was also impressed.

Michael and his dad head to animators night for dinner at the Animators Palate. They get to draw a picture on a place mat and watch it come to life and be part of the dinner show. Michael tries some new dishes at dinner. During dinner they talk about how many photos they have taken with Photopass. Michaels guesses about 300. The dinner show begins and the drawings are shown. Michaels dads drawing makes it on to the screen. The dessert was the only thing that Michael said really stood out to him from the meal. Turns out that they had taken 355 pictures so far.

Final Events for the Night

They were walking through the main deck and Michael mentioned watching Nightmare before Christmas when his dad said no thanks but stood there watching the show. Michael joked that his dad was getting sucked into it.

Whoops! Wrong Movie. That’s Ok 🙂

They went to go see Infinity War but it ended that they were playing Solo at that night and time so they stayed and watched Solo which was Michaels second viewing of it and he said he enjoyed it the second time as well.

Finally Michael and Father turn in for the night to rest up for their last full day aboard the ship.


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Disney Vlog: “The Southernmost Point in the USA! Exploring Key West” Disney Cruise on Disney Wonder with Michael Kay

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Day 3 of the Very Merrytime Father/Son Cruise VLOG is here! It was an amazing day, from the Santa Winter Snowball to the exploration of Key West, we had quite an adventure! We also had the best piece of key lime pie EVER!



Day 3 of Michael Kay’s Christmas Cruise on the Disney Wonder with his father began with a beautiful sunrise from the ship. Michael expresses his love for starting his day with a sunrise on the Disney Cruise.

Michael shows the guides in his room. One of the options is to see the southern most point of the United States, Key West.

Michael and his dad head to breakfast at Cabanas. Michael tries something new at breakfast; Salmon in the the scrambled eggs and is pleasantly surprised. They eat breakfast on deck where they joke about how they forget that it’s December because it’s so beautiful out where they are.

After breakfast they head to a meet and greet with Captain America. Captain America turned out to be one of the longer meet and greets Michael had experienced on a Disney Cruise. 43 minutes ends up being THE longest line for a meet and greet on a Disney cruise. At the point of this Cruise Michael has been on two others making this Christmas cruise aboard the Disney Wonder his 3rd Disney Cruise.

They head back to their room to gather themselves and get ready to get off the ship for a day in Key West. They arrive 35 minutes early and are clear to go ashore at that earlier time.

They begin their excursion on land with the southern most point of Key West. Michael comments on how nice it is to be on a cruise that goes to US ports and not having to worry about passports and what not. After they exit the Disney Wonder they board a bus and head to the southern most tip of the USA.

Afterwards they head back near the ship to do some shopping and get some key lime pie. Michael comments on why he didn’t get off the ship on his last cruise in Nassau. For him he just enjoyed being on the ship.

Michael said that Kermits in the Florida Keys has THE best Key Lime Pie.

After a nice morning off the ship they head back to the ship to enjoy what the Disney Wonder has to offer. First they head to the Jacuzzi and pool. Michael has the entire pool to himself. Pro Tip: If you want the pool or other amenities on board the ship to yourself or as close to to yourself as will allow then use port day to do those things on the ship.

Michael gets a few slices of pizza to tide him over until dinner later.

Next they plan to go see the Winter Ball, a Christmas show in the atrium. Michael watches the first show from the 4th deck and plans to watch the 10:15 show from the main deck to get to see it from a couple different vantage points. There was a good sized crowd for the first show. Santa showed up at the end and after the show Santa headed out to the crowd to meet the folks. The characters do some quick walking around as well. Not to take photos but to just say hello and Merry Christmas. Michael expressed how magical the show was as well as embodied the Christmas spirit.

Then they head to the theater to watch Antman and the Wasp and then to catch the second showing of the Winter Ball. Michael gave Antman and Wasp an A+ Michael Kay official rating.

Before the next Winter Ball they went and met some Characters and had dinner. The Characters were all dressed in their winter Christmas gear.

They head to dinner at Tiana’s Place which Michael says is his favorite number 1 restaurant on the Disney Wonder. Michael struggles to remember what he had last time because he enjoyed it so much last time. He debates between the Swordfish which is what his brother had last time and some Cast Member recommendations. He got the hot crab dip and was glowing over it. His father said it was outstanding and you absolutely have to try it. Next he tries the mushroom soup and jumbo shrimp. They were not as impressed with those items as the hot crab dip. As they are eating Louis the Alligator from The Princess Frog came by. They sent back their shrimp and Michael said that was the first time he had ever had to send back food. Tiana then came by and said hello. For Dessert Michael had a Bon aufie Creme Pie and his Dad had banana creme pie.

After dinner it was time for the second showing of the Winter ball. Michael had a huge smile on his face again after the show and it snowed in the atrium.

Finally after the show Michael and his dad head back to their room to get some sleep. They are scheduled to go to Castaway Cay tomorrow so they want to get lots of rest but before they get back to their room they stop by the ice cream machine to get a cone. Excited to visit his favorite cruise destination, Castaway Cay, the next day, Michael and his dad end their day and hit the hay.


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Disney Vlog: “So Close to Castaway Cay!” Disney Cruise on Disney Wonder with Michael Kay

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Day 4 of our Father Son Very Merrytime Disney Cruise Adventure was totally unique. We were scheduled to go to castaway cay and Captain Henry and his entire crew tried everything they could to make port….but…(watch to find out)





Day 4 of Michael Kay’s Christmas Cruise Begins!

Day four of Michael Kay’s Christmas cruise with his father begins a rainy day.  Michael stays positive and hopeful that the rain with go away.

Off to a rough start

Captain Henry comes over the speaker for an announcement for some important information.  First he announces that they are late in approaching their island by about 20 minutes due to a generator failure.  Then he announces that there are no guarantees that they will be able to dock on the island today due to northwest winds which are the least favorable.

Again Michael stays positive and hopeful.  Sure he is a bit heart broken but he looks forward to the future and keeps on smiling.  This an important thing to keep in mind on a Disney Cruise is that there are some circumstances that are just out of Disney’s control like the weather.  I can imagine it was saddening considering Castaway Cay is one of the highlights if not the highlight of a Disney cruise.  Not only was Michael not able to visit the island this day but they were so close that he could actually see the island from the ship. Kudos to Michael for staying so positive in such a moment.

Michael and his dad head down to breakfast in their swimsuits and enjoy a large plate full of yummy food. They sit next to window are able to see Castaway Cay as they go by it. As Michael watches out the window he can see that the waters are rough. He and his father wait patiently as they sit near the island in hopes that they will still be able to dock.

First Attempt to Dock at Castaway Cay Failed but there’s still hope

Captain Henry announces that the first attempt to dock failed and that they are going to wait about an hour and try again. Yet again Michael stays positive that the most important thing is that they are safe. He keeps his perspective that he’s happy and smiling at the very fact that he’s on a Disney cruise even if he doesn’t get to go to Castaway Cay.

As they wait for the second attempt they go to the Disney Character meet and greets on board. Michael and his father make a prediction that if they do not get to go to Castaway Cay today that they might get another chance after they go to Nassau.

Michael meets Donald as Captain Henry sets up to make the second attempt to dock at the island. Michael is so close to the island that he can see the Christmas tree. As Michael waits on deck watching the second attempt he is more hopeful as the ocean waves look calmer and he sees Cast Members on the pier ready to receive them. They inch closer and closer and just when they were within a footballs throw the ship begins to pull away. Michael says goodbye to Castaway Cay with a smile.

Disney Wonder Close To Docking at Castaway Cay | Disney Cruise Michael Cay

Could not Dock at Castaway Cay 🙁

Captain Henry makes his final announcement regarding Castaway Cay and admits defeat against mother nature in trying to dock that day at Castaway Cay.

Michael makes mention that he thinks today will be a great day to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. Just as he mentions that another announcement is made that there is an extra showing of the movie added to the movie showtimes for the day. Michael and his father decide to grab some ice cream and lounge on deck while they wait for their showtime at 1pm.

Pirate Time!

After the movie Michael and his Dad get their pirate gear on in preparation to meet Tinkerbell and Jack Sparrow for pirate night. All the characters are dressed in their pirate gear. There was no line for pirate Stitch. Michael met Pirate Mickey. Captain Hook and Mr. Smee had a decent line.

Michael offers his services as a pirate to Captain Jack Sparrow who says if Gibbs ever gets lippy he will give Michael a try.

Michael Cay Meets Captain Jack Sparrow | Disney Cruise Disney Wonder Michael Cay

Michael’s Dad Not Feeling Well

Michael’s dad goes to sleep as we was not feeling well so Michael gets him some things to help him feel better. His dad tells him to go on with the night without him so Michael hesitantly goes on. He ends up doing more checking on his father than anything else. Michael’s a good guy that even with his father pushing him to go enjoy his night he would rather stick close by his dad and make sure he is alright. Michael does make it to the pirate party and fireworks but then he’s right back to his dad.

Michael’s Dad Feeling Better

After the pirate party and fireworks his dad is feeling better but still decides to skip dinner. Michael goes to dinner solo. His server offers to send up some food to Michael’s father which was a kind gesture. Michael chooses some food to send up to his dad in hopes to help him feel even better. They also decide they would check out Senses Spa the following.

Michael comments on difference in this cruise vs his last cruise with the amount of kids on board and the noise level.

Meeting Chip and Dale

Michael brings back the food to his father who enjoyed it as Michael went to go meet Chip and Dale who were both dressed up in their pirate gear.

Michael heads back to deck 9 to get some more ice cream for his dad. On return to the room with his dads ice cream he sees the plates that he brought to his dad sitting outside the room ready to be picked up. Michael was happy that his father was able to eat.

Ordering Room Service and Settling in for the Night

As Michael decides to settle in for the night he also decides to try out some room service where he orders a bunch of yummy sounding snacks.




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Disney Vlog: Day 5 “Stuck Between the Disney Dream and the Disney Wonder” Disney Cruise on Disney Wonder with Michael Kay

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Day 5 of the father/son Disney Very Merrytime Christmas cruise on the Disney Wonder was magical. Not only did we get a chance to see more of the ship, but we parked right next to another Disney cruise ship, the Disney Dream. – Michael Kay


Nassau Bahamas Port

This episode of Michael Kay’s Vlog starts off in Nassau Bahamas.  Michael and his father begin with breakfast at Cabana’s.  While eating breakfast aboard the Disney Wonder they have a wonderful view of the Disney Dream docked directly next to their boat.  Even the crew was excited to see the Disney Dream docked next to them.  Michael speculates that it’s rare for Disney cruise ships to be docked next to each other often.

Michael and His Dad Enjoying Some Coffee

Michael and his father enjoy some coffee drinks with some very cool designs of Mickey and Simba on top of them.  Michaels dad was hesitant to pay the extra money for the coffee but after tasting his he said it was worth it.

Michael touring the Disney Wonder

Disney Coffee Designs Simba Mickey | Michael Kay | Stuck Between the Disney Dream and the Disney Wonder

As Michael tours us through the ship he shows us some previews of the Bibbidy Bobbity Boutique, the Oceanier club and more.  Being that they are on a cruise in the winter time the boat is less crowded especially in areas like the pool and outdoor parts of the ship.

Michael points out some difference between the Disney cruise ships as well as the adult Jacuzzi’s. Another noticeable difference is the aquaduck water slide that you can see on the Disney Dream.  Each ship has unique amenities and things to do so Michael shares his excitement to visit each of the various Disney cruise ships.

Michael In Between the Disney Wonder and the Disney Dream

Michael gets off the Disney Wonder to take some video between the two ships.  In the Michael Kay style he shares his excitement of just being in between the two ships and being grateful that he has the opportunity to see them both at the same time.

Michael gets back on board the ship and grabs and ice cream cone and some delicious looking food.

Will Michael and his Dad make it back to Castaway Cay?

Throughout the video Michael expresses his hopes to go back to Castaway Cay however a Cast Member informs him that due to bad weather they will not be going back.  According to the Cast Member they were scheduled to go back on the day of the filming of this vlog however there was no chance of that due to the weather.  The Dream docked next to them is scheduled to go the following day and due to the weather forecast they only have about a 50/50 chance that they are going to be able to go.

Checking out the spa

Michael and his dad are given a pass to preview the spa and decided that it wasn’t as good as the Dreams.  The Dreams rain forest room is the parallel magical experience they were hoping to find aboard the Wonder.  They were going to just go but decided to take a look at it before committing to a session.  They were glad they did and recommend to check things out ahead of time.

Michael gives some tips on getting around the ship.  If you look on the floor you can see stars and the tip of the star points to the front of the ship which helps you navigate the ship and get back to your room or anywhere else you need to go.

Tip for navigating the cruise ship look at the direction of the stars on the floor | Michael Kay | Stuck Between the Disney Dream and the Disney Wonder

About half way through the Vlog Michael waves goodbye to the Disney Dream ship as they depart from Nassau.

Out to Sea

Next Michael and his dad take some pictures in their matching Christmas Mickey Sweaters wearing Christmas light necklaces. They enjoy hearing some caroling aboard the ship.  Dressed in Christmas Carol fashion the carolers sing for the ship.  Then Misses Claus shows up to read a story.  She brings a surprise with her and after her story she surprises everyone with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and more who show up decked in their Christmas gear to say hello to the guests.

Michael says that he noticed on this cruise vs his last cruise that the captains were out and about more often.

Dinner Time

For Dinner Michael goes with Lobster Tail.  As he makes the decision between the choices presented he mentions that he remembers that on his last cruise the Lobster Tail was the best he had ever had so he went with that this night.  For dessert he goes with the lava cake and his dad goes with the apple pie with the thought that they could share and try each others desserts.  For Michael the winner was the Chocolate Lava Cake and his dad says the Apple Pie is number one.

Michael comments on how wonderful the service is on the ship and then bumps into dancing Goofy.

Michael and his dad turn in early to get ready for the next day where they have a character breakfast planned and plan to watch Incredibles 2.

Another great Vlog from Michael Kay.


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The History of the Disney Dole Whip

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