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Posted on Dec 21, 2018 in Michael Kay, Vlogs | 0 comments

Disney Vlog: “Disney Junior Breakfast and Animation Onboard” Disney Cruise on Disney Wonder with Michael Kay

Disney Vlog: “Disney Junior Breakfast and Animation Onboard” Disney Cruise on Disney Wonder with Michael Kay

Day 6 of the Father/Son Disney Very Merrytime Christmas Cruise is here and it was quite a day at sea! We took some extra fun photos saw movies and even became guest animators!


PREVIOUSLY: DAY 5 of Michael Kay’s Christmas Cruise with his Father on the Disney Wonder “Stuck Between the Disney Wonder and the Disney Dream”

Day 6 Begins with Breakfast at Animators Palate

Michael and his dad start their day at Animators Palate for a very special Disney Junior breakfast. The breakfast is mostly meant for kids but all can enjoy while Disney Junior Characters come around. Michael notices everyone wearing napkin hats and wonders if that’s a right of passage that he will learn about.

They ordered their food and it was brought out to their table in about 2 minutes. Michael was impressed that he got basically a walk in reservation because they didn’t book it before the cruise. Jokingly but seriously Michael says he needs to do a diet when he gets home which is a nod to all the wonderful yummy food he has eating aboard the Disney Wonder.

Movie and Lunch

Michael and his dad head to on board theater to see Incredibles 2.

After the movie they head to lunch at Cabanas and get some seafood. Michael makes mention that Seafood corner might just be his favorite.

Michael shows off his new pin for a Tron Light Cycle and it’s a limited edition of only 300 other pins made.

Next they are off to their favorite place on the ship, the Ice Cream machine lol.

Michael meets Mickey and Mickey is in his Christmas gear and Michael in his tropical clothes.

Michael mentions one of the plans for the day which is Frozen the stage show.

Michael comments on sea days and how there is so much to do that he really enjoys the sea days on a Disney Cruise. There is magic to be found on the ship.

Michael meets Minnie Mouse.

Next Michael comments to the level of service on the Disney Wonder. He says the service is perfect.

Showtime for the Frozen Stage Show on the Disney Wonder

Showtime for the Frozen Stage Show. Michaels favorite show on the Disney Cruise. Michaels dad is blown away. He said that after the first part the show picked up and he loved it. He said no matter how many boat trips you have to take you need to see Frozen, on the Disney Wonder, and Beauty and the Beast, on the Disney Dream.

Bubble Gum Smoothie

Time for a new drink.  The drink of the day is the Bubble Gum smoothie. Michael tries it and enjoys it. He said it’s kind of a weird thing because you want to chew it since it tastes like bubble gum. It is a paid treat (about 6 or 7 bucks) so Michael says he wouldn’t get it every day but maybe once a cruise he’d get it.

Michaels dad’s favorite place to hang out on the boat is Cove Cafe Adults Only area where it’s nice and quiet. Michael has a hard time getting him away from that location.

It’s hard to believe there is only two nights left on the cruise.

Relaxing Some More at Cove Cafe Characters and Pin Trading

The guys relax by Cove Cafe for a little bit. It is nice and quiet since the main showing of Frozen is currently going on.

Next they head to meet characters and get some pins at the pin trading box. It becomes crowded quick but Michael was able to get the special pin he wanted. Michael is all ears after the pin trading as well was just beaming excited about the pin and the experience.


Pro Facts from Captain Henry

Michael bumps into Captain Henry who was extremely kind. The captain told Michael that of all the Disney Cruises that go to Castaway Cay only 1.3% miss Castaway Cay. Michael was surprised that the number was that low he was also impressed.

Michael and his dad head to animators night for dinner at the Animators Palate. They get to draw a picture on a place mat and watch it come to life and be part of the dinner show. Michael tries some new dishes at dinner. During dinner they talk about how many photos they have taken with Photopass. Michaels guesses about 300. The dinner show begins and the drawings are shown. Michaels dads drawing makes it on to the screen. The dessert was the only thing that Michael said really stood out to him from the meal. Turns out that they had taken 355 pictures so far.

Final Events for the Night

They were walking through the main deck and Michael mentioned watching Nightmare before Christmas when his dad said no thanks but stood there watching the show. Michael joked that his dad was getting sucked into it.

Whoops! Wrong Movie. That’s Ok 🙂

They went to go see Infinity War but it ended that they were playing Solo at that night and time so they stayed and watched Solo which was Michaels second viewing of it and he said he enjoyed it the second time as well.

Finally Michael and Father turn in for the night to rest up for their last full day aboard the ship.


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