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Posted on Dec 20, 2018 in Michael Kay, Vlogs | 0 comments

Disney Vlog: “The Southernmost Point in the USA! Exploring Key West” Disney Cruise on Disney Wonder with Michael Kay

Disney Vlog: “The Southernmost Point in the USA! Exploring Key West” Disney Cruise on Disney Wonder with Michael Kay

Day 3 of the Very Merrytime Father/Son Cruise VLOG is here! It was an amazing day, from the Santa Winter Snowball to the exploration of Key West, we had quite an adventure! We also had the best piece of key lime pie EVER!



Day 3 of Michael Kay’s Christmas Cruise on the Disney Wonder with his father began with a beautiful sunrise from the ship. Michael expresses his love for starting his day with a sunrise on the Disney Cruise.

Michael shows the guides in his room. One of the options is to see the southern most point of the United States, Key West.

Michael and his dad head to breakfast at Cabanas. Michael tries something new at breakfast; Salmon in the the scrambled eggs and is pleasantly surprised. They eat breakfast on deck where they joke about how they forget that it’s December because it’s so beautiful out where they are.

After breakfast they head to a meet and greet with Captain America. Captain America turned out to be one of the longer meet and greets Michael had experienced on a Disney Cruise. 43 minutes ends up being THE longest line for a meet and greet on a Disney cruise. At the point of this Cruise Michael has been on two others making this Christmas cruise aboard the Disney Wonder his 3rd Disney Cruise.

They head back to their room to gather themselves and get ready to get off the ship for a day in Key West. They arrive 35 minutes early and are clear to go ashore at that earlier time.

They begin their excursion on land with the southern most point of Key West. Michael comments on how nice it is to be on a cruise that goes to US ports and not having to worry about passports and what not. After they exit the Disney Wonder they board a bus and head to the southern most tip of the USA.

Afterwards they head back near the ship to do some shopping and get some key lime pie. Michael comments on why he didn’t get off the ship on his last cruise in Nassau. For him he just enjoyed being on the ship.

Michael said that Kermits in the Florida Keys has THE best Key Lime Pie.

After a nice morning off the ship they head back to the ship to enjoy what the Disney Wonder has to offer. First they head to the Jacuzzi and pool. Michael has the entire pool to himself. Pro Tip: If you want the pool or other amenities on board the ship to yourself or as close to to yourself as will allow then use port day to do those things on the ship.

Michael gets a few slices of pizza to tide him over until dinner later.

Next they plan to go see the Winter Ball, a Christmas show in the atrium. Michael watches the first show from the 4th deck and plans to watch the 10:15 show from the main deck to get to see it from a couple different vantage points. There was a good sized crowd for the first show. Santa showed up at the end and after the show Santa headed out to the crowd to meet the folks. The characters do some quick walking around as well. Not to take photos but to just say hello and Merry Christmas. Michael expressed how magical the show was as well as embodied the Christmas spirit.

Then they head to the theater to watch Antman and the Wasp and then to catch the second showing of the Winter Ball. Michael gave Antman and Wasp an A+ Michael Kay official rating.

Before the next Winter Ball they went and met some Characters and had dinner. The Characters were all dressed in their winter Christmas gear.

They head to dinner at Tiana’s Place which Michael says is his favorite number 1 restaurant on the Disney Wonder. Michael struggles to remember what he had last time because he enjoyed it so much last time. He debates between the Swordfish which is what his brother had last time and some Cast Member recommendations. He got the hot crab dip and was glowing over it. His father said it was outstanding and you absolutely have to try it. Next he tries the mushroom soup and jumbo shrimp. They were not as impressed with those items as the hot crab dip. As they are eating Louis the Alligator from The Princess Frog came by. They sent back their shrimp and Michael said that was the first time he had ever had to send back food. Tiana then came by and said hello. For Dessert Michael had a Bon aufie Creme Pie and his Dad had banana creme pie.

After dinner it was time for the second showing of the Winter ball. Michael had a huge smile on his face again after the show and it snowed in the atrium.

Finally after the show Michael and his dad head back to their room to get some sleep. They are scheduled to go to Castaway Cay tomorrow so they want to get lots of rest but before they get back to their room they stop by the ice cream machine to get a cone. Excited to visit his favorite cruise destination, Castaway Cay, the next day, Michael and his dad end their day and hit the hay.


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