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Posted on Dec 20, 2018 in Christmas, Michael Kay, Vlogs | 0 comments

Disney Vlog: Day 5 “Stuck Between the Disney Dream and the Disney Wonder” Disney Cruise on Disney Wonder with Michael Kay

Disney Vlog: Day 5 “Stuck Between the Disney Dream and the Disney Wonder” Disney Cruise on Disney Wonder with Michael Kay

Day 5 of the father/son Disney Very Merrytime Christmas cruise on the Disney Wonder was magical. Not only did we get a chance to see more of the ship, but we parked right next to another Disney cruise ship, the Disney Dream. – Michael Kay


Nassau Bahamas Port

This episode of Michael Kay’s Vlog starts off in Nassau Bahamas.  Michael and his father begin with breakfast at Cabana’s.  While eating breakfast aboard the Disney Wonder they have a wonderful view of the Disney Dream docked directly next to their boat.  Even the crew was excited to see the Disney Dream docked next to them.  Michael speculates that it’s rare for Disney cruise ships to be docked next to each other often.

Michael and His Dad Enjoying Some Coffee

Michael and his father enjoy some coffee drinks with some very cool designs of Mickey and Simba on top of them.  Michaels dad was hesitant to pay the extra money for the coffee but after tasting his he said it was worth it.

Michael touring the Disney Wonder

Disney Coffee Designs Simba Mickey | Michael Kay | Stuck Between the Disney Dream and the Disney Wonder

As Michael tours us through the ship he shows us some previews of the Bibbidy Bobbity Boutique, the Oceanier club and more.  Being that they are on a cruise in the winter time the boat is less crowded especially in areas like the pool and outdoor parts of the ship.

Michael points out some difference between the Disney cruise ships as well as the adult Jacuzzi’s. Another noticeable difference is the aquaduck water slide that you can see on the Disney Dream.  Each ship has unique amenities and things to do so Michael shares his excitement to visit each of the various Disney cruise ships.

Michael In Between the Disney Wonder and the Disney Dream

Michael gets off the Disney Wonder to take some video between the two ships.  In the Michael Kay style he shares his excitement of just being in between the two ships and being grateful that he has the opportunity to see them both at the same time.

Michael gets back on board the ship and grabs and ice cream cone and some delicious looking food.

Will Michael and his Dad make it back to Castaway Cay?

Throughout the video Michael expresses his hopes to go back to Castaway Cay however a Cast Member informs him that due to bad weather they will not be going back.  According to the Cast Member they were scheduled to go back on the day of the filming of this vlog however there was no chance of that due to the weather.  The Dream docked next to them is scheduled to go the following day and due to the weather forecast they only have about a 50/50 chance that they are going to be able to go.

Checking out the spa

Michael and his dad are given a pass to preview the spa and decided that it wasn’t as good as the Dreams.  The Dreams rain forest room is the parallel magical experience they were hoping to find aboard the Wonder.  They were going to just go but decided to take a look at it before committing to a session.  They were glad they did and recommend to check things out ahead of time.

Michael gives some tips on getting around the ship.  If you look on the floor you can see stars and the tip of the star points to the front of the ship which helps you navigate the ship and get back to your room or anywhere else you need to go.

Tip for navigating the cruise ship look at the direction of the stars on the floor | Michael Kay | Stuck Between the Disney Dream and the Disney Wonder

About half way through the Vlog Michael waves goodbye to the Disney Dream ship as they depart from Nassau.

Out to Sea

Next Michael and his dad take some pictures in their matching Christmas Mickey Sweaters wearing Christmas light necklaces. They enjoy hearing some caroling aboard the ship.  Dressed in Christmas Carol fashion the carolers sing for the ship.  Then Misses Claus shows up to read a story.  She brings a surprise with her and after her story she surprises everyone with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and more who show up decked in their Christmas gear to say hello to the guests.

Michael says that he noticed on this cruise vs his last cruise that the captains were out and about more often.

Dinner Time

For Dinner Michael goes with Lobster Tail.  As he makes the decision between the choices presented he mentions that he remembers that on his last cruise the Lobster Tail was the best he had ever had so he went with that this night.  For dessert he goes with the lava cake and his dad goes with the apple pie with the thought that they could share and try each others desserts.  For Michael the winner was the Chocolate Lava Cake and his dad says the Apple Pie is number one.

Michael comments on how wonderful the service is on the ship and then bumps into dancing Goofy.

Michael and his dad turn in early to get ready for the next day where they have a character breakfast planned and plan to watch Incredibles 2.

Another great Vlog from Michael Kay.


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