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Posted on Jun 13, 2014 in Lines Guide, Magic Kingdom, Theme Parks | 1 comment

4 Longest Lines at Magic Kingdom

4 Longest Lines at Magic Kingdom

Longest Lines At Magic Kingdom

Knowing which attractions have the longest lines at Magic Kingdom can help you to better plan your day in the parks. The length of the lines are going to be determined by how crowded the overall park is however, knowing which attractions have longer lines relative to others will allow you to make more educated decisions as to what a reasonable wait time is for that day.

The wait times are going to fluctuate throughout the day so it’s important to know what a reasonable wait time is so you do not end up waiting in a long line for an attraction that is just having a spike in guest traffic at the time you are there. For example, Buzz Lightyear will almost never have a longer line than Space Mountain.  If you were planning to go on Buzz Lightyear and it had a 45 minute wait and Space Mountain also had a 45 minute wait then that would tell me to wait to go on Buzz Lightyear because at the moment Buzz Lightyear has a spike in guests and more than likely the wait time will shorten soon enough.

As a good rule of thumb follow these general tips for getting on busier attractions in the shortest amount of time without having to use a fastpass.

  • Go to busier attractions first thing in the morning when the park opens. For example Peter Pan gets busy quickly but if you go there first when the park opens you can pretty much walk right on.
  • Go on busier attractions during the parade. If you are not planning to watch the parade then use that time to go on a busier attraction as the line will shorten for the duration of the parade.
  • At the end of the day the lines usually shorten. This is not always the case especially during peak season and nights with extra magic hours but usually towards the end of the night the lines do shorten. If you plan to use this tactic though be sure you check what time the attraction of choice closes as some attractions close before the park closes.
  • Download the Walt Disney World App. This will give you live wait times for all the attractions in the park.

4 Longest Lines At Magic Kingdom

Peter Pan

11 Longest Lines at Disney World | Peter PanAs much as I love this attraction I’m not quite sure why it always has such a long line. I used to be a cast member at Peter Pan and it was actually one of my favorites to be at because it was so busy all the time. There would be a line all the way until park closing and even when we would close the line people would still try to hop over the chains to get in one last ride.

Space Mountain

11 Longest Lines at Disney World | Space MountainFor thrill seekers at the Magic Kingdom Space Mountain is your number one attraction.  The line at Space Mountain is usually around 45 minutes minimum on a slow to moderately busy day.  On a slow day you can get lucky and only have about a ten to fifteen minute wait. I usually use Buzz Lightyear to gage how long Space mountain is going to be. If Buzz Lightyear is fifteen minutes or less than usually Space Mountain has a short line. If Buzz Lightyear is 20 minutes or over I usually find Space Mountain has around a 45 minute wait. This is not a perfect system but I find it to be a good general rule of thumb.

Splash mountain

11 Longest Lines at Disney World | Splash MountainSplash Mountain is a very well rounded attraction. It is over ten minutes in length, it has a great theme, it has catchy music, it has roller coaster like drops and is a water ride.  On a hot day you can pretty much guarantee that Splash Mountain will have an hour and a half to two hour wait.  Obviously since it is a water ride guests go here to cool down. Not to mention this is the only water ride at the Magic Kingdom. The line for Splash Mountain is very dependant on the weather since guests prefer not to get wet on colder days. Many guests will wear a poncho on a colder day so that they can still enjoy this wonderful attraction without getting soaked.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

11 Longest Lines at Disney World | Big Thunder Mountain RailroadBig Thunder Mountain Railroad is another one of few thrill rides at the Magic Kingdom.  While it is not looked at as more thrilling or scary than Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad does have a faster top speed.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is right next to Splash Mountain and at the far end of the Magic Kingdom so guests generally make the hike to that end of the park to do both attractions.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’s line usually thins out towards the end of the night due to it being at the far end of the park and most make their way towards the castle to get a good spot for the fireworks.

What was the longest lines at Magic Kingdom you had to wait in?

In the comments section below tell us about your experiences with long lines at Magic Kingdom.

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  1. OMG….7 Dwarves Mine Ride last Wednesday…..over an hour in stand by. We had a FP later in the day and were on same ride in less than 10 min.

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