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Posted on Mar 25, 2014 in Attractions, Disney | 0 comments

Top 7 Walt Disney’s Favorite Attractions

Top 7 Walt Disney’s Favorite Attractions

I have scoured the Internet and researched which attractions were Walt Disney’s favorite. I was surprised to find that there is little information as to which attractions were Walt’s favorite. I was able to find 7 of Walt Disney’s favorite attractions through a collection of voices out there claiming which were his favorite. Some disagreed on which one was Walt’s favorite but in all my research these were the only 7 attractions in debate.

Top 7 Walt Disney’s Favorite Attractions

#7 The Jungle Cruise
Walt Disney's Favorite Attractions Jungle Cruise
Each of the scenes in the Jungle Cruise is from the Adventure Film series from Walt Disney.Fun Fact: Walt wanted to use live animals for the Jungle Cruise. An animal expert changed his mind because most of the animals would be hiding or sleeping during peak park hours.Fun Fact: Robin Williams and Steve Martin were Jungle Cruise Skippers before they were famous.
#6 Pirates of the Caribbean
Walt Disney's Favorite Attractions Pirates of the Caribbean
This is said to be Walts favorite ride because it is the last ride he mentioned to be his favorite before his death. Walt always had a love for the new and innovative. Walt’s current project always seemed to be his favorite. Pirates of the Caribbean was the last ride Walt Disney was involved with in designing. The attractions opened on March 18th, 1967 which was three months after Walt died.Fun Fact: The Fires in the burning town scene looked so real that the Anaheim fire chief asked that it be shut off if there was a real fire.
#5 Mark Twain Riverboat
Walt Disney's Favorite Attractions Mark Twain Riverboat
Mark Twain was one of Walt Disney’s heros and favorite authors. When he was in a bad mood this was one place you could see him. Before the Mark Twain Riverboat was finished, corporate ran out of money. Disney wanted to see this project finished so much that he paid the difference out of his own pocket.Fun Fact: The Mark Twain Riverboat almost capsized! There were no load capacities on the rides until a few days after Disneyland had opened because of this attraction. With guests packed on, the boat almost tipped over. The next day maximum load capacities were in established and are still being used today.
#4 Enchanted Tiki Room
Walt Disney's Favorite Attractions Enchanted Tiki Room
The Enchanted Tiki Room was originally supposed to be a dinner theater show with Audio-Animatronic birds. Walt was especially excited about the Enchanted Tiki Room and this was Walt Disney’s first attraction to have Audio-Animatronics.Fun Fact: Walt funded The Enchanted Tiki room with his own money..
#3 Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress
Walt Disney's Favorite Attractions Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress
Many claim to have heard Walt say that the Carousel of Progress was his favorite attraction. This can somewhat be supported by his family who knew of his devotion to this attraction. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress was first imagined by Walt in the 1950’s. It wasn’t until 1964 when GE came to Walt looking for an idea for a presentation for the New York World’s Fair. At this point technology was able to match his imagination like it hadn’t been able to do previously. Before Walts death he told the Imagineers to keep Caurousel of Progress open for as long as his theme park existed.Fun Fact: Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress has been from New York to California and then to its final destination, Florida.
#2 Disneyland Railroad
Walt Disney's Favorite Attractions Disneyland Railroad
Walt Disney always had a love for trains. As a young boy he marveled at steam engine trains. When he was 15 he worked on the Santa Fe train selling newspapers, snacks and soft drinks. Eventually Walt would go on to build the Carolwood Pacific in his back yard. Walt was very excited to build his first real railroad (well 5/8 to scale) at Disneyland. You can find the Carolwood Pacific train displayed at the Disneyland Railroad train station. Walt loved the Disneyland Railroad. When he was in a bad mood this was another one of the places you could see him. Walt actually had a costume for this attraction.Fun Fact: The trains are actual working steam engine trains. The crew that work these trains must be trained to operate it in the same way a full sized steam engine train would operate.
#1 The Newest Attraction
Kind of a lame first choice I know but I had to go with this for number 1 because of all my research this was the number one answer out there. Like it or not Walts favorite attraction was always the newest one he was working on. It makes sense to who Walt was as a man of vision, an innovator and an artist always striving to do better with his next work. This is the reason that many will say Pirates of the Caribbean was Walts Favorite. Before Walt died his last project was Pirates of the Caribbean and therefore at that time it was his favorite attraction.

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