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Magic Kingdom

Each section below is a brief overview to help keep things simple. At the bottom of each section will be a link to take you to more detailed information about that section. The table of contents are quick links to get you to a section of the page below. Click or scroll to see each section.

Magic Kingdom | Cinderellas Castle

Map Guide

The Magic Kingdom is made up of 6 sections or “Lands”.

Lets get started by looking at how the Magic Kingdom is divided into 6 different sections.

Getting around the Magic Kingdom can seem very tricky from looking at the map and once you actually get there it will seem even more confusing. The map below shows you the major paths that can be taken as well as has the lands color coded. Start by looking at this map to get the general lay of the lands.

Magic Kingdom | Map | Lands Overview

Attractions Guide

There are 41 attractions in the Magic Kingdom

Now that you have a better understanding of the map you probably want to know more about attractions. Attractions can be broken down into Rides, Interactive Play Areas, Walk Throughs, Stage Shows and transportation.

Dining Guide

There are 30 places to eat in the Magic Kingdom

Now that you have learned about attractions your probably thinking it’s going to take a lot of energy to do it all. Have no fear because there are plenty of wonderful places to eat in the Magic Kingdom. Dining can be broken down into the following categories: Table Service, Quick Service and Snacks.

Shopping Guide

There are 38 places to shop in the Magic Kingdom

So you figured out the map, seen lots of attractions and filled your belly with delicious food. Now you’re ready to shop! There are places to shop all over the park. The largest store is on Main Street U.S.A. and is called the Emporium.