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Posted on Mar 26, 2014 in Animal Kingdom, Attractions, Disney, Epcot, Featured, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, WDW 2 | 0 comments

12 Fastest Rides In Disney World

12 Fastest Rides In Disney World


The 12 Fastest Rides In Disney World

#12 Space Mountain
27 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - Space Mountain
Surprisingly Space Mountain is the slowest on our list. It feels like it goes fast when your on it. Must be because the ride is mostly in the dark that throws you off.
#11 Primeval Whirl
29 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - Primeval Whirl
Primeval Whirl not only moves at a quick pace but also spins around. This ride is like a tilt a whirl on a roller coaster track. May not be the fastest ride but it sure is fun.
#10 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
34 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train | Top Speed 34 MPH
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which joined the Magic Kingdom roller coaster team in 2014, came out with a top speed of 34 mph which is 1 mph less than Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Disney did a wonderful job of mixing a thrill ride with their slow moving story telling attractions. This roller coaster is not your ordinary coaster. While you do get the thrill of a regular roller coaster, you also get a story and some interesting new roaler coaster moves.
#9 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
35 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a Disney classic. Besides moving fairly quickly along a shaky track there are also rocks falling down all around you making this ride feel very intense. Word of advice, sit in the back. This is not a coaster where the front is better.
#8 Humunga Cowabunga
39 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - Humunga Kowabunga
Humunga Kowabunga at Typhoon Lagoon is a great place to start if you aren’t sure about going on Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach. While this drop is nothing less than intense it is only a little more than half the speed of Summit Plummet.
#7 The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
39 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror
Deror avi
Tower of Terror is feared for many things but it’s mostly the drop. Confined in an elevator with a ghostly theme this ride is intimidating. Not only do you drop in this ride but then you get flung back up in the air only to repeat the sequence once again. Every time you ride this ride Tower of Terror it will be a different experience because it is random how many times and how much you go up and down on it.
#6 Splash Mountain
40 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - Splash Mountain
Splash Mountain is a very well rounded ride. It has a great theme to follow the story. It’s a log water ride. There are 3 drops in it. One of the drops goes down and then back up a little bit making it feel like a roller coaster. Not to mention its an almost 11 minute long ride! The final drop happens so quick you don’t have time to think about how fast you are going making it just a small piece of this amazing ride. Also the view of the Magic Kingdom from up there is incredible!
#5 Monorail
45 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - Space Mountain
Jarkko Laine
The Monorail! Not what you expected to see on here right? Well it sure is debatable whether or not this is a ride or transportation. If you ask the Monorail cast I’m sure they would say it was transportation but if you ask most guess they will tell you it’s a ride and that is why it’s on this list. The Monorail’s top speed is 55 MPH and its average speed is 40 MPH. It sure doesn’t feel like its going that fast because its a very smooth ride.
#4 Expedition Everest
50 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - Expedition Everest
Jeremy Thompson
Expedition Everest is not your average roller coaster. Besides being a very fast ride, there are some unexpected surprises in the forbidden mountain. Watch out for the Yeti!!
#3 Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
60 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith as I’m sure you guessed is in the top 3. It definitely is the fastest to get you going fast with its sling shot launch moving you from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. This ride is extremely exciting and makes you want to scream because of it’s awesomeness! And the cherry on top is that Aerosmith is playing throughout the whole ride.
#2 Summit Plummet
65 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - Summit Plummet
There’s not debate about Summit Plummet it is a fact that it is the fastest, tallest, free-fall speed slide in the world! You will not find another slide like it anywhere!
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#1 Test Track
65 MPH
The 11 Fastest Rides In Disney World - Test Track
Test Track is the fastest ride at Disney World! You can really feel the speed on this ride too when you go outside the main building and start rippin around a banked racetrack. Although this ride has a top speed of 65 MPH just like Summet Plummet, this ride is number 1 because it always hits its top speed unlike Summet Plummit which can vary its speeds depending on a persons weight.

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