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Posted on Jun 10, 2015 in ABC, Disney Past, Videos, Walt Disney World | 6 comments

90s Sitcoms Go To Walt Disney World

90s Sitcoms Go To Walt Disney World

Do you remember in the 90s when our favorite sitcoms would have an episode or two where they went to Disney World? I sure do! I loved those episodes. I sure do miss the TGIF lineup. That was probably the best two hour block of tv shows in the history of television…or at least the 90s lol.

I wish they would make more episodes like that with some newer sitcoms. I know recently there was an episode of “The Middle” where they went to Walt Disney World however they were not really at Disney World for most of the episode. They spent more time in their hotel room then in the parks.

Not only do I wish they would do some new sitcoms episodes where they would visit Walt Disney World I wish they would make a series that takes place at Disney World.  There are so many different shows that could be made with Disney World at the center of it.

If it were up to me I would make a few shows that takes place at Disney World.  The first would be a show about being a Disney Cast Member or more specifically a Disney College Program Student.  It would be a comedy.  The next would more of a drama/mystery/action show that would take place at Disney World and would be about how everything in the parks were real.  It would connect all the attractions and lands at Disney World with elaborate back stories so you could get to know the parks better.

Anyways, back in the 90s there were 7 sitcoms that visited Walt Disney World. The 90s sitcoms that had episodes at Disney World in order are:

  • Blossom – February 3rd 1993
  • Full House – Part 1 May 11th 1993, Part 2 May 18th 1993
  • Family Matters – Part 1 April 28th 1995, Part 2 May 5th 1995
  • Rosanne – Part 1 February 20 1996, February 27th 1996
  • Step By Step – Part 1 March 3rd, Part 2 March 10th 1996
  • Boy Meets World – March 10th 1996
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch – April 24th 1998

My Favorite was Full House probably just because of how they had Steve, who played the voice of Aladdin, playing various characters around the park including Aladdin. Also I really enjoyed that in Step By Step they had Jason Marsden who played the voice of Max in A Goofy Movie.

The Video above is a great overview of all these episodes from episode summaries, plots and reason to do the episodes. It was interesting to see how in 1996 in less than one month there were five episodes between three shows that all took place at Walt Disney World.

Below are more videos I found from the various shows that went to Disney World.

Full House – Opening Theme Song at Walt Disney World

Full House – Jesse and the Rippers at Walt Disney World

Rosanne – Clip from Episode at Walt Disney World

Boy Meets World – Corey and Topanga at Walt Disney World

Well I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane about when 90s sitcoms go to Walt Disney World.

In the comments section below tell us…

Which was your favorite 90s sitcom that went to Walt Disney World?

If you could choose one newer sitcom to visit Walt Disney World, which would it be?


  1. didnt home improvement also go to Disney after Disney bought abc?

    • I don’t think they did. I didn’t remember so I Googled it and found a message board where someone asked that same question. The people who replied said they did not do a home improvement episode at Disney World. I wish they had though. That would have been awesome. They should do it with the last man standing now that would be great too!

    • That is actually a GREAT time to visit Disney World! The Thanksgiving cowrds will have left, and the Christmas cowrds won’t be in town yet Which means park attendance should be at one of the lowest points of the year. Also, the parks will be decorated for Christmas, which is quite beautiful.As for weather, you can typically expect weather to be anywhere from about 70*F to about 80*F. The rainy season is over (not to say that it won’t rain at all) and it won’t be unbearably hot and humid; although you should still be able to go swimming if you’d like. It tends to get more chilly at night during that time of year, but the pools in Disney World will be heated.

  2. They actually do have a “Princess for a Day” thing, probably not exactly like they showed it on the Full House episode.
    My daughter was “crowned” and given a certificate by a CM in 2011. She was maintenance in DTD, and took time out to talk to my daughter a created her a crown, sash, and gave her a certificate that said she was a princess for a day. The CM told us that she could pick one girl a day to do this for. Really sweet!

    • That’s pretty awesome Melissa! I did not know about the princess for a day magical moment. I know Disney does lots of magical moments similar to that though. When I worked at the Animal Kingdom they would choose different families everyday to be in Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade. I had heard too that there used to be a position at Disney World that was called Magic Makers or something like that. The Cast Members who were Magic Makers would seek out guests and give them awesome magical moments like spending the night in Cinderellas castle. I do not know if this position still exists or if it really ever did but I know they empower Cast Members at almost all positions with ability to do some kind of Magical Moment. When I was a Cast Member at Animal Kingdom I worked at the Wildlife Express Train by the Kilimanjaro Safaris and I the Magical Moments I could do was to let guests blow the whistle on the train if I was the engineer and if I was the conductor in the back I could let guests say all aboard. One time while I was conductor I let two little boys say all aboard. They loved it and asked if they could say something else so I had them help give my spiel the whole way to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. About an hour later I was still in that position and that family came back on the train from Rafiki’s Planet Watch and asked if they could talk more on the mic on our way back to the Africa Station and of course I let them. When we got back to Africa the parents thanked me and told me that the whole time they were at Rafiki’s Planet Watch all the boys did was talk about how they got to be guests conductors and talk on the mic on the train. It’s a wonderful feeling to get to create moments like that for people. It’s the small things like that that can add so much more magic to a persons trip to Disney and is just one more thing that sets Disney apart from anywhere else in the world.

    • Interesting question what I don’t get about teaegners is this so many people dismiss so much of what they do by saying it’s their age. Why is this an excuse for behavior that is somtimes just totally unacceptable? I don’t mean to sound hard-ass about this, but teaegners are generally very clever when it comes to serving their own needs. They make decisions and choices just like anyone else. If they make those choices and there are consequences (as there are to everyones at any age), is it fair that they get away with these consequences because it’s their age? I think the bar should be raised and they should be treated as accountable and responsible young people who need to learn that you can’t waltz through life with no regard for how your actions impact on the people and world around you. Again, without sounding unreasonable, as their teachers we must certainly allow for their lack of life experience and guide them by our own example, but for the main part, I think we would better serve them by raising the bar rather than dismissing stuff because of their age.

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