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Posted on Nov 13, 2015 in Attractions, Disney Past, Epcot, Epcot Attractions, Videos | 0 comments

Captain EO Farewell Mission December 6th


A sign posted at Epcot outside of the Captain EO 3D show reads “Farewell Mission December 6th, See them change the world one last time.” From what I see on Facebook groups most people are going to be happy to see this attraction go but for me I am not so happy.

In the past few years they have changed more things at Disney World then they have probably in the previous 10 years. Magic Kingdom got the Fantasyland expansion and Hub update. Hollywood Studios is basically going to be a new park by the time they finish all the changes there. Disney’s Animal Kingdom has removed Camp Minnie Mickey to make way for Avatarland as well as expanded the Africa section to move the Lion King show in.

While Epcot in all this has experienced the least amount of changes they have experienced a hard one which was the removal of one of my favorite attractions “Maelstrom” to make room for a Frozen attraction. They also had the update for test track making it Tron themed.

I am all about updating the parks. Walt Disney said it best “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” This idea that the parks will always be growing and changing is part of what makes the parks special. The other part though is the classics.

There is something very special in the classic rides at Disney and the appeal they have. They remind us of how things used to be when the park was opened.  It is important for Disney to focus on the future but not forget the past. For anyone who went to Epcot in the 80s and early 90s you remember a place that dreamed as big as you can really. I think the hardest part for us who did experience that is that we remember dreaming about the future back then. I always used to tell people I loved Epcot because it is what we thought in the 80s the future was going to be like.

I do welcome change to the parks I just want to make sure the integrity of the park itself is still in tact. I am excited for the new Frozen attraction but at the same time I really don’t think it belongs in World Showcase. My other issue with that is why in the world would you replace one of only two rides in the World Showcase? You can’t tell me that they shut down Maelstrom because the attendance was low. I’ve been to Disney World hundreds of times and there is almost always a line for that ride. Also why wouldn’t they just open up a new ride in one of the other countries to attract the younger generation. If the change was about bringing in that younger generation then add a new ride at one of the other countries pavilions.

Finally back to what this post is all about, Captain EO. I will miss this attraction very much. When I was a little kid my mom used to drag me to it and I hated it because it scared me good. As I got older I came to love Captain EO. Oddly enough Figment was my favorite attraction at Epcot and I loved going to Captain EO after that.

When they put Honey I Shrunk the Audience I liked it but I missed Captain EO. In 2010 when they brought back Captain EO I was just starting my Disney College Program and was super excited that I would get to see it again. I never thought they would bring it back.

My first time back seeing Captain EO in 2010 since they had removed it was a very memorable experience. I felt like a kid again and was so glad it was finally back! I loved the theme that music saved the world. Sure it is corny but it was Disney corny and I love Disney corny.

I will miss Captain EO but I do look forward to what they put in next. I hope it is something amazing and well planned.

Remember December 6th 2015 is the last mission for Caption EO so make sure you go if you can.

Also remember if you don’t go to Disney World that often make sure that when you do go you ride your favorite rides and ride them like it is your last time riding them. You never know when your last ride is going to be so make every moment count. You should be doing that anyways but really think about it while you are there. Celebrate each ride and truly enjoy it.

In the comments below share with us which attractions you miss or would miss if they were ever taken out. What is the one ride that you would be heartbroken to see go?

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