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Posted on Jul 30, 2015 in Cast Members, Epcot, Videos, Walt Disney World | 0 comments

Three Women Fight in Line For Test Track at Epcot

A fight broke out in line at Test Track in Epcot Center at Walt Disney World.  The reason for the fight is unknown but I can only imagine it most likely had to do with line jumping or something just set them off from waiting in line.  If you have ever waited in line for an attraction at Disney World for a long period of time then you know how if feels to have your patience worn a bit thin.  Waiting in a long line for an attraction can really test your patience and it only gets harder if other guests around you are being obnoxious or irritating.  It is however a lot easier to remain calm when the lines attraction is in doors in the air conditioning like Test Track is.  I will say though no matter how irritated you get it is never ok to lay your hands on another person especially at Disney World where there are lots of impressionable young minds all around you.  Unless someone starts attacking you and you are forced to defend yourself physically then there is absolutely no room for fighting.  The woman with umbrella started the physical aspect of this fight because of words spoken.  At the end of the video you see the woman who was attacked with her child.  Sure she could have kept her mouth shut and diffused the situation earlier on but she did not throw the first punch and as soon as the woman with umbrella hit her she was acting in self defense.  Regardless of who started the fight that woman’s child and the other children who were there will forever have the memory of that fight with them.  This fight could have and should have been avoided.

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