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Posted on Apr 2, 2014 in Disney, Walt Disney World | 0 comments

7 Must Know Tips Before Going To Disney Theme Parks

7 Must Know Tips Before Going To Disney Theme Parks

Disney Theme Parks Must Know Tips

Getting around Walt Disney World Theme Parks can be tricky.  I wanted to put together a quick tips guide to cover some of the basics.

If you have any great tips of your own please leave them in the comments below and I will be sure to add them!

Here are some simple tips:

1.  Don’t follow the leader.


Chances are they have no idea where they are going either.  Be the leader even if you do not know where you are!

Look around you.  If it looks like you can go somewhere, chances are you can.  Disney makes sure to block off areas they do not want guests to go, so if you see a way that can get you somewhere faster, take it!

I see this happen a lot at the entrance of the parks.  Most people will be packed into a few entrances when there are many open with no guests going through it at all, look above the gates to see if it is open or not.

The same goes for when purchasing merchandise.  There are usually many different places to check out with your purchases in any given store.  If one line is very long, do a quick scan around the store to see if there is another register open that you can check out at.

Remember just because no one else is there does not mean it is closed.


2.  Read the map, signs and times guide.


Make sure to get a map and times guide as soon as you enter in the park.  Almost everything at Walt Disney World has a sign.

If you look around you can find wait times, stand-by entrance and Fastpass entrance all in a glance.

The times guide has all the information you will need for that day regarding attraction hours, parades, character meet ‘n’ greets and much more.

Reading is the key to successful navigation


3. Take note of the parade times and route.


If you want to see a parade, figure out where you are going after the parade.  Pick a place to watch along the parade route so when it ends you can quickly head to your next attraction.

If you do not want to watch the parade make note of its route so you can be on the correct side of it when it starts.  Once the parade starts, you cannot cross the street until after it passes you by.

During the parade is a good time to go on some rides as the lines are usually less busy during the parade.

Epcot is the only park that does not have a parade currently. 



4.  Ask a cast member.


Cast members love to help! 

If you are unsure of something, simply ask.  There are cast members all over the parks there with the common goal to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Make sure you treat them with respect and kindness as this may pay off.  Disney cast members are able to create what is called a “Magical Moment” if the situation calls for it.

Your situation may call for the cast member to go above and beyond to help you out and that is more likely to happen if you are kind to them.



5.  Find out about extra magic hours.


Extra magic hours are times set aside before or after park hours which are only for guests staying in a Disney World Resort.

If you are staying at a resort and you are park hopping, take full advantage of these times.

Beware: The days with extra magic hours will increase the park attendance for that day so either avoid that park altogether or take advantage of the time and then park hop over to somewhere else.



6.  Plan to eat!


A day at Disney World takes a lot of energy.  You will get very hungry moving around the Disney Theme Parks.

It is hard to plan exactly when and where you will eat a lot of the time so check out places to eat before you go to the park.

Make a reservation for at least one sit down meal and eat your other meal(s) whenever you begin to get hungry.

Having a proper meal at Disney will not only give your body energy but it will make you feel better enhancing your Disney experience.  Not to mention the food is delicious!

Make eating at Disney as much a part of your experience as going to an attractionDon’t forget dessert!

To save money on food, bring snacks with you, as you are able to bring it into the parks.



7.  Use Fastpass.


The first thing you should do when you get into a park is to get your Fastpass setup or if you are a resort guest, you can setup your Fastpass ahead of time!

Fastpass is a great system that allows you to pick attractions to wait in a virtual line for.



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