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Posted on Jan 24, 2018 in Walt Disney World | 0 comments

Biggest, Tallest, Fastest and Best of the Best at Walt Disney World

Biggest, Tallest, Fastest and Best of the Best at Walt Disney World

Tallest Structure at Walt Disney World?

Expedition Everest 199.5 feet

Tower of Terror 199 feet

Fun Fact: FAA regulation states that any structure 200 feet or higher require a beacon to notify aircracfts

Longest Attraction at Walt Disney World (time)?

Carousel of Progress 20 minutes and 45 seconds

Longest Attraction at Walt Disney World (distance)?

Test Track is 5,246 feet which is just under a mile by 34 feet

What is the Fastest Ride at Disney World?

Test Track at 65 MPH


How tall is Cinderella’s Castle?

189 feet

Fun Fact: Cinderella’s Castle, along with many other structures at Walt Disney World, use forced perspective to make the structure look bigger than is actually is.

How big is Walt Disney World?

~27,258 Acres

Fun Fact: Only about 30% of the land at Walt Disney World is actually in use. That leaves about 19,000 acres for future developments. Of the land in use there are 4 theme parks, 21 Resorts, 30,469 rooms, 2 water parks, 139 restaurants and much more.

Largest attraction at Walt Disney World?

Kilimanjaro Safari’s at 110 acres which means you can fit all of the 107 acres of Magic Kingdom inside Kilimanjaro Safari’s.

Which Walt Disney World Resort has the most rooms?

Disney’s Pop Century has 2,880 making it the resort with the most rooms at Walt Disney World. The next two closest are Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort with 2,112 rooms and Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside with 2,048 rooms. Technically if you consider Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside one resort than it would have the most rooms at a combined total of 3,056 rooms.

How many guests can fit into each park?

Magic Kingdom has an estimated capacity of 100,000 guests.

Epcot has an estimated capacity of 95,000 guests.

Hollywood Studios has an estimated capacity of 75,000 guests.

Animal Kingdom has an estimated capacity of 60,000 guests.

It is interesting that the capacity of the park is not directly related to the size of the parks. Epcot and Animal Kingdom are both larger parks in size however Magic Kingdom can hold more guests.

Fun Fact: The Walt Disney World resorts can hold approximately 160,000 guests on any given day. If you factor in the other resorts on Walt Disney World property that are not Disney owned you have room for another 50k guests which means you could potentially have approximately 210,000 guests staying in Walt Disney World on any day of the year.

How many people work at Walt Disney World?

Somewhere between 57k – 62k Cast Members work at Walt Disney World which makes them the largest single-site employer anywhere in the world.

How much does Disney spend on fireworks every day?

I was told by a tram driver at the Magic Kingdom parking lot that the Wishes fireworks show costs about $55,000 each night which about how much money is brought in by parking at Magic Kingdom each day. This may or may not be true but it is the most reliable source I have found regarding this information.

What was the most expensive attraction at Walt Disney World?

Test Track is reported to have cost approximately 300 million dollars.

The next closest most expensive attraction at Walt Disney World would be Tower of Terror at 150 million dolars.

How much does Walt Disney World make per day?

Approximately 30 million dollars per day.

The best report I can find says that of the 6 U.S. domestic Disney Parks they earn 16 billion a year in revenue combined. If you divide and break that down evenly between each park it comes to around 7.3 million a day per park. Times that by 4 parks and you are looking at about 30 million per day for just the 4 parks at Walt Disney World.

If you know how much Disney World makes per day when you include everything else at Disney World and not just the parks please comment below!

How many guests visit Walt Disney World each year?

Magic Kingdom has around 20.5 million guests per year averaging about 56k guests per day

Epcot has around 11.7 million guests per year averaging around 32k guests per day

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has around 10.8 million guests per year averaging around 29k guests per day

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has around 10.9 million guests per year averaging around 29k guests per day

If any of our facts are incorrect or outdated please comment below to let us know!

If you have any questions about Disney facts that you’d like us to answer for you please comment below!

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