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Posted on Jun 23, 2016 in Attractions, Walt Disney World | 0 comments

Frozen Ever After Epcot 360 POV Video

Frozen Ever After Epcot 360 POV Video

Frozen Ever After Norway Epcot World Showcase

Take a virtual ride on Frozen Ever After!

After Maelstrom closed everyone has been waiting for the new attraction Frozen Ever After to open.  Well, the wait is over!  From Ever After is now open.  On opening day the line hit wait times upwards of 5 hours!!  This 360 video makes you feel like you’re right on the ride without that 5 hour wait.

Since the opening of Frozen Ever After at Epcot it has been a major success.  It seems pretty obvious that it would be a success purely on how successful Frozen was however, the news was not well received by many for multiple reasons.  First of all some people were just sick of Frozen at that point but that’s their problem in my opinion and is not an argument not to put in an attraction at Disney.  The main controversy over Frozen Ever After came two-fold.  First, it was the removal of Maelstrom, a classic favorite for many and secondly it was a character ride in World Showcase in Epcot.   Many felt this would be better suited for the Magic Kingdom or at least somewhere besides World Showcase.  The World Showcase is supposed to be a cultural center representing the 11 different countries that span World Showcase Lagoon.  While Frozen Ever After takes place in a Norwegian town it is a fictional Norwegian town that does not necessarily represent Norway.

You could argue that they put the 3 Caballeros in the Mexico Pavilion ride however, the 3 Caballeros did visit real places in Mexico not too mention they only added the characters into what was already there giving the ride a bit more appeal and story to it.  It was not a complete overhaul that removed everything we love about that attraction.

Take a sneak peek at the new attraction from Disney Parks Blog!

My Opinion

I do agree that Frozen would be better suited for somewhere besides World Showcase.  I also think it’s Disney so even though Arendale is fictional Norwegian town it can still fit in at Disney.  The countries showcased around Epcot are accurate to a point but they are mixed with fantasy so in that respect Frozen Ever After fits right in bringing together the real world with the fantasy world of Arendale.  Finally, and this is the most important factor to me, of the 11 countries around World Showcase at Epcot there are only 2 rides.  I would have much rather seen them add another ride in a different country rather than replace a ride keeping the total number of rides around World Showcase at 2.  How easy would it have been to put in a Mulan ride in China, Aladdin in Morrocco, Ratatouille in France, they could have even brought the Snow White ride they removed from the Magic Kingdom over to Germany.

What are your thoughts on Frozen Ever After being put in at Epcot World Showcase?  Comment Below!!

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