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Posted on Mar 21, 2014 in Best of Disney, Disney, Disney Films, Walt Disney World | 0 comments

Top 11 Best Disney Movies

Top 11 Best Disney Movies

Ever wonder which Disney films are the absolute best? Obviously thats debatable based on an individuals preference however there is one way we can measure which film is the best, box office gross. In the lists below we will look at

The top 11 Best Disney movies

both domestic (United States) and Worldwide.
11.  Beauty and the Beast ($218,967, 620)

10.  Cars ($244.082,982)

9.  Brave ($237,283,207)

8.  Toy Story 2 ($245,852,179)

7.  Monsters University ($268,492764)

6.  Monsters Inc ($289,916,256)

5.  Up ($293,004,164)

4.  Finding Nemo ($380,843,261)

3.  Frozen ($396,895,073)

2.  Toy Story 3 ($415,004,880)

1.  The Lion King ($422,783,777)

11. Aladdin ($504,050,219)

10.  Brave ($538,983,207)

9.  Cars 2 ($559,852,396)

8.  Monsters Inc ($562,816,256)

7.  Tangled ($591,794,936)

6.  Up ($731,342,744)

5.  Monsters University ($743,559,607)

4.  Finding Nemo ($936,743,261)

3.  The Lion King ($987,483,777)

2.  Frozen ($1,032,002,073)

1.  Toy Story 3 ($1,063,171,911)

As you can see from above any way you mix it up the top 4 Disney movies are the same…

The top 4 Best Disney Movies of all times are:

The Lion King, Toy Story 3, Frozen and Finding Nemo.

Frozen is still climbing up in the charts too so these numbers are subject to change in the future.  Be on the look out for Frozen at the number one spot soon!  As you can see this list is of the top 11 Best Disney movies varies between the United States top 11 and the world wide top 11.  To find out more about how much Disney movies are earning click here and visit Box Office Mojo and search for any Disney movie.

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