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Posted on Apr 17, 2014 in Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Theme Parks, Walt Disney World, WDW 1 | 100 comments

Walking Distance At Disney World

Walking Distance At Disney World

Walking Distance At Disney World

Have you ever wondered how many miles you walk at Disney World?

Everyones experience is different depending on what they go and see. Below you will see the distances for each Theme Park at Walt Disney World. These distances are if you walked around the perimeter of each park.

If you were to walk around the perimeter of all four parks:

The Total Walking Distance at Disney World is
8.51 Miles / 13.69 Kilometers.

If you have tracked your walking distance at Disney World please post your results in the comments at the bottom of the page.


Magic Kingdom
2.17 Miles / 3.49 Kilometers
Walking Distance At Disney World | Magic Kingdom Walking Distance

The walking distance at the Magic Kingdom is 2.17 Miles / 3.49 Kilometers.  The walking path above on the map shows a start position at the entrance.  It then moves through the following lands in the following order: Main Street U.S.A., Tomorrowland U.S.A., Liberty Square, Frontierland, Adventureland and then finishes were it started at the entrance in Main Street U.S.A.

To find out more specific walking distances at Magic Kingdom Click Here!


2.78 Miles / 4.47 Kilometers
Walking Distance At Disney World | EPCOT Walking Distance

The walking distance at the EPCOT is 2.78 Miles / 4.47 Kilometers.  The walking path above on the map shows a start position at the entrance.  It then moves through the following lands in the following order: Future World, Future World East, World Showcase (Starting at mexico), Future World West and ending at the entrance in Future World.

Want to start tracking your walking distances?
Get a Fit Bit


Hollywood Studios
1.39 Miles / 2.23 Kilometers
Walking Distance At Disney World | Hollywood Studios Walking Distance

The walking distance at the Hollywood Studios is 1.39 Miles / 2.23 Kilometers.  The walking path above on the map shows a start position at the entrance.  It then moves through the following lands in the following order: Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, Animation Courtyard, Pixar Place, Streets of America, Echo Lake and then finishes where it started at the entrance on Hollywood Boulevard.


Animal Kingdom
2.27 Miles / 3.65 Kilometers
Walking Distance At Disney World | Animal Kingdom Walking Distance

The walking distance at the Animal Kingdom is 2.27Miles / 3.65 Kilometers.  The walking path above on the map shows a start position at the entrance.  It then moves through the following lands in the following order: Oasis, Discovery Island, Dinoland U.S.A., Asia, Africa, Discovery Island, Camp Minnie Mickey, Discovery Island and then finishes where it started at the entrance at the Oasis.


Downtown Disney
1.83 Miles / 2.94 Kilometers
Walking Distance At Disney World | Downtown Disney Walking Distance

The walking distance at the Downtown Disney is 1.83Miles / 2.94 Kilometers.  The walking path above on the map shows a start position down near where the buses drop you off.  It then moves through all of Downtown Disney to complete other side where La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil is at just passed Disneyquest. Then ends back by the busses where it began. Regardless of where you start and stop in this loop if you travel through all of Downtown Disney and end where you started from this would be the approximate distance you would walk if you did not go in any shops.


Have you tracked your walking distance at Disney World?

We would love to hear your results in the comment section below!


  1. I walked 12.1 miles on our last day at WDW, we did MK>Epcot World Showcase>MK

  2. I walked an average of 16,000 steps/5 miles per day

  3. We tracked a day at EPCOT – opening to close – Future World, World Showcase and logged about 7.8 miles. At Magic Kingdom, I’ve logged 5.6 miles just criss-crossing the park to get to ADRs and FPs.

  4. We visited the parks for 7 days last December, the most distance we walked in one day was 23 miles and the least was 11 miles – tracked by my Fitbit!

  5. I work at Magic Kingdom, and I can average 12 miles a day walking. Some days around 18 or 19 miles, some days around 8 or 9.

  6. We averaged between 12 and 15 miles on our honeymoon back in May but one day i did a little over 21 miles.

    We are going back in September for hubbys bday and i hope i beat those #s since i am training for the princess 5k in 2016!!

    • Hi! I just saw that you were training for the princess 5k this year. Yay! Hope the training went well. I will be there too! Doing the half on Sunday. Have fun!

      • You will want to be standing at the gate at 8 am when it opens. I would be there no later than 7:30, poibssly 7:00 if you can manage it. You can drive your own cars and park there, and if I were you, I would.

  7. I know that I went with my kids for 5 days, and I lost 15 lbs that week. When I went the airplane seat belt almost didnt fit, on the way home, I had like 4 or 5 inches left over.

  8. This is very cool!!!! Complete side note (or only partially related side note)….Disney visitors can do some good for others while walking these miles by using an app called Charity Miles. It donates 25 cents per walked mile to a charity of the user’s choosing. Another side note: my daughter hopes to do the college program — it’s a big goal for her. 🙂

    • My daughter did DCP and LOVED it. I encourage yours to do her best to fulfill that hope/wish. It was probably the best time of her life, and she’s not one to sit anything out.

    • This is awesome! I haven’t hard of it. I wish I had it in November, my daughter and I did 4 parks in 1 day and racked up 15.2 miles in 1 day.

    • My daughter is there now doing the college program. She loves it but the recent cut in hours has her concerned for income woke she is there. But she is loving the experience.

    • I did the college program, it was the most amazing experience!! I definitely recommend doing it!

  9. Back in 2000 I averaged about 12 miles per day using a pedometer. The 8.5 miles for all 4 parks do not include going to all the resorts (looking for elongated penny machines), walking thru stores, going to buses, backtracking thru parks to repeat a ride and it looks like not going to Downtown. Its amazing how you keep your mind off the walking because of all the wonders. I enjoy the details of Disney more then the rides and will pick something to focus on each visit (hidden Mickey, elongated Pennies, why Disney was built the way it was (Magic Kingdom Movie concept from entrance down main street to the castle, the second floor above the stores show the people involved in the building of Disney). I am going in Dec 2015 and will focus on beating the record of 12 (The penny machine will be the second.

    • I just came back from WDW. This time i average 9 miles per day. I am guessing the reasons were My granson (8mths) came with us and being 15 years older did not help. The last time i walked a lot a month before disney. Need to drink alot of water.

    • I suggest avriring at 7 am. It may seem a bit early, but if you want to be in the park when it opens, and not be in a huge crowd of people in the back of the line get there ATLEAST an hour early. that allows you time for parking and getting inline to enter. Have fun!! sounds like a blaast on new years!

  10. My family and I went to Disney World and June and of course we tracked our miles. Just in 1 park a day we averaged and where from 10-13 miles a day.

  11. As a runner, I decided that for my birthday a few years ago, I wanted to attend the Wine and Dine Half Marathon race party WITHOUT running the 13.1 miles. However, we did use the Charity Miles app to track our distance as we ate and drank our way around the world. We walked well over 13.1 miles and felt completely justified in crashing that party as walkers.

  12. I was there in June for 10 days and walked 100 miles. Now I see why.

    • Hi PaulI really enjoy lnkioog around your site and reading your blog. I have been to Disney and I am sure you will have a wonderful time. They actually take the time to not only answer your inquiries for directions, but go with you to show you the way! How very special in this busy world!Have a great trip, Cheryl

  13. We were just there for about a week. We clocked each day, and walked a total of 60.25 miles

    Wednesday. 7.9 miles MK
    Thursday 8.1 miles Epcot
    Friday 10.4 miles AK
    Saturday 9.4 miles HS
    Sunday 9.76 miles Park hop
    Monday 9.03 miles Park Hop
    Tuesday 5.66 miles MK & flew home

    60.25 miles

  14. We were there for 7 days with a 2nd grader and walked 47 miles.

  15. 13.3 miles in 2 days.

  16. Epcot really means “Every Person Comes Out Tired” and now I know why 2.78 miles plus depending on what you do and see while you’re there sweating in the HOT sun!

  17. My husband and I had one day at Disney recently. We did Disney Springs at 5 miles and then Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party at 12 miles, for a 17 mile total in one day! Worth every step!

  18. I track my walking every trip. Just returned last night from a quick 3 day trip and walked a total of 30.78 miles. I did a 15 day stay in September and walked a total of 167.92 miles. I found the walkway between EPCOT and Hollywood studios for the first time too.

    • There is a walkway between Epcot and Hollywood studios where is it?

      • By the international entrance (I think that’s what you call it) by England maybe the gateway. It’s by the beach club. You have to walk down the Boardwalk past boardwalk hotel. It’s a hike.

        • Go out the International Gateway (down the hill between UK and France). Walk past the Yacht and Beach Club, over the bridge, look for the direction sign on your left before you get to the Swan and Dolphin.
          Alternative: Out the International Gateway, onto the Friendship boat, off the boat at the Boardwalk, walk toward Swan and Dolphin, look for the direction sign on your left.
          OR get on the Friendship boat and ride to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  19. My daughter and I were there a Sunday night until Thursday night and we walked over 50 miles in all 4 parks and Disney Springs combined!

  20. We tracked our miles and in four days at all four parks we walked 51 miles.

  21. At our recent post-Thanksgiving trip, my sister & I averaged 11 miles per day!

  22. At our recent post-Thanksgiving trip, my sister & I averaged 11 miles per day!

  23. Last visit I walked 12 miles in Magic Kingdom, 12.5 Miles at Epcot, 10 miles at Animal Kingdom and 11 miles visiting a combination of the three on the last day with a side visit to Disney Springs. Oh and 6 miles at the Not So Scary Halloween Party

  24. I walked 23,000 steps at EPCOT one day.

  25. I often walk between EPCOT and Studios (through the Boardwalk, etc). On days like that I often track 10-15 miles throughout the day. Of course we also walk from our car (skip the tram in the lots) as well. It really adds up after a while!

  26. We were there last week for 7 days and went to a park for at least half a day every day. We averaged between 6 and 10 miles daily. Worth every step!!!!

  27. Our 9 day trip in January logged over 112 miles for the trip. We all knew why we were so exhausted!

  28. October this year went to all 4 resorts. Plus 2 trips to Downtown Disney. Walked over 26 miles in 4 days.

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  29. We were there in November and we ran between 12,000 and 25,000 steps a day.
    Day one MK and HS 11,430
    Day two Epcot 24,333
    Day three AK and HS 23,519
    Day four Epcot and MK 21,093
    Day five MK 19,353
    Day six HS and AK 24,258
    Day seven Disney Springs and travel 15,265
    First day back home 3,321 lol

    I’d read months ago that an average day ran around 20,000, so I made a point of walking and walking and walking for months ahead of our trip. I still felt like I’d been hit by a truck by the time we got home. The kids were in a world of hurt, because they refused to prep with me. Fortunately, they are young and bounced back quickly.

  30. 7 miles 8am -4pm Magic Kingdom…best mother daughter trip ever…

    • Your article was exnellect and erudite.

  31. It’s crazy how many steps we do in disney without realizing it! I average 12 miles per day in Disneyland, to compare.

  32. Two years ago I used a scooter because I needed a knee replacement. I had it done and we were there at Easter time this year and averaged 8 miles per day. Great trip and only pain was blisters from walking so much.

  33. We were there in Nov 2015 and I walked a little over 23,000 steps each day! Had so much fun and it’s easy to do!!

  34. We did Epcot and Hollywood Studios and walked from park to park. Over 15 miles. I was wearing a 27lb toddler in a Tula carrier the whole time. I wore a fitbit. Great workout.

    • You should arrvie like half an hour early because there will be THOUSANDS of people going to the park and schools are on winter vacation so it will have 98% chance that you will not find parking and have to ride the bus. You should drive your own car because there will be a lot of people driving to Disneyland and the buses will be packed. Hope you have a good time! Enjoy your trip!

  35. 3 days was 52 miles

  36. We were in Disney world in December from the 8th through the 11th. Visited all four parks and Disney Springs. Total distance covered was 30.4 miles.

  37. There are signs with walking/running distances at several of the resorts as well. I know I saw one at Coranado Springs.

  38. My husband and I visited Disney World for a week in Sept.We are 55+ and we measured 45 miles for the week.

  39. My youth group and I went for the first time back in Dec.2014. We averaged around 12-15 miles per day on a 5 day trip. So between 60-75 miles total

  40. We were at WDW for 9 days during Christmas and we walked 102 MILES TOTAL as tracked by my s-health app. That’s about 4 marathons! Luckily, we were in shape for all that walking.

  41. We average about 13 per day. Some higher some lower, but they average out to 13 – it’s the only reason a person doesn’t gain 40 pounds with all the indulgences. 😉

  42. We were at WDW for 10 days over Thanksgiving break and logged in 70 miles during this time!! We spent one day at the resort due to sickness, so that was actually for 9 days in the parks.

  43. Thanks. I am trying to give my grandchildren an idea if how truly huge Disneyworld is.

  44. We averaged a little over 10 miles everyday we were there! 😳

  45. We were just at WDW this past December work two other couples. In 9 days we walked over 70 miles! This makes it so much easier to not feel guilty about eating all those delicious desserts! Yummy Yumm!

  46. We tracked at Magic Kingdom. We did over 15 miles in the day. We were there almost the whole day, and went where the lines were short using the Disney Experience App.

  47. Sure, that is the technical distance around the parks but no one be fooled, you will walk WAY more than that each day! I never average less than 8 miles a day on our trips, and that’s with trying to do attractions close to each other so we don’t have to cut across the parks all the time!

  48. 16,500 steps/8.5 miles was our average per day on our last visit.

  49. between 10-13 miles… 23,000 average steps

  50. Our soft days are 5 miles. Our record day was 16 miles. We stay at Boardwalk Villas, and walk to EPCOT & Hollywood Studios. We are an older couple.

  51. 10 day trip we walked 75 miles.

  52. We average about 9-12 miles a day If we do multiple parks & usually 5-7 if we only do one. Gotta keep moving to burn off all of those Mickey shaped pretzels and churros!

  53. My friend just sent me this through Facebook.
    We were there
    Nov 28, 2015thru Dec 5, 2015
    My Heart app on my phone made a record of everyday.
    11/28/15 steps 1,012
    11/29/15 steps 13,591
    11/30/15 steps 19,709
    12/01/15 steps 15,720
    12/02/15 steps 18,721
    12/03/15 steps 11,026
    12/04/15 steps 11,007
    12/05/15 steps 2,951
    Grand total of miles walked
    43.92 miles.
    Great memories and great trip!!

  54. I don’t know how many miles I walked the last time I was at Epcot, but I’d worn bleeding blisters into my feet and lost part of a toenail by day’s end. Since 3 mile walks don’t faze me, I’m guessing at least three times that.

  55. I’ve been going since I was a child to WDW in FL. So much to take in. You really don’t feel it until you walk to get on the buses,trams or monorail. It hits you like a brick. When I married 26 yrs ago,my husband & I started coming. So after we had a child,we brought him,then the sister came along. We’ve been coming all their lives and we ALL enjoy the magical family time making memories. Don’t dwell on the “how many steps I took” or how many “miles we walked.” Just enjoy your time,relax,find a rocking chair or bench! Oh,the best advise I ever got was to buy peppermint lotion,put it in the mini the resort room.And when you finally make it back that late evening to your room,shower and put this peppermint lotion on everybody’s feet,hit the beds to sleep It works wonders.Lost count how many times I’ve been to WDW and how many items we have forgotten over the years. But NOT this generic peppermint lotion! It has saved our feet(sold in small tube-might need 2) Don’t consider it so much as walking but as “wondering through the magic” at WDW. Love it!

  56. My last trip, I did about 46 miles over 8 days (5.75 miles per day).

  57. This is just the PARKS … this isn’t counting walking from your hotel room to your car/the bus, or from your transportation to the front gate, OR the extra walking you do IN the park (because not many walk in that straight line, it’s hopping around dealing with FP+s, etc) … my last trip I hit over 10,000 steps in Epcot by 2pm.

  58. We’ve walked as many as 21 miles in a day at WDW. Usually it consists of a lot of of loops around world showcase and Boardwalk. Drinkercising! 😂 That’s a full day at multiple parks and not stopping to frequently. And every chance we get we walk. No trams, walking park to park, etc.

  59. We just went about a week ago. I walked 24,000 steps for three days. I could barely walk on the last day.

  60. Last year we walked 120 miles over our 14 days

  61. We totaled over 100 miles in five days during the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend while doing the Dopey Challenge

  62. boat dock to the 2000 loop at Fort Wilderness is 1.4 miles… often quicker to walk than take the bus.

  63. last week I had 9 miles at three parks and without taking a parking tram all day

  64. We average 10-15 miles a day, depending on the park – and that’s just in the park and ride lines – no buses, trams, hotels, etc. We don’t get to go to WDW often, so it’s a big deal when we do and we don’t want it ruined by blisters and sore feet.

    We always kick our walking/running up a notch in the weeks before we go so our feet are up to the extensive walking/standing and we always wear comfortable shoes with support and cushion. Never flip-flops. I cringe seeing whole families in flip-flops… they’re really bad for your feet. I know many swear by them, but it’s the last thing I’d allow my family to go in.

    I agree with previous posters though – it’s about wandering and taking it all in. You’re there for the magic!! With kids, plan for a restful break (or two) at some point so you don’t end up with meltdowns later. It’s a loooong day for the youngin’s.

  65. Last Sept. We went for 8 days and walked 9,000-18,000 steps on average per day but one day I did park opening at MK through EMH I think 1AM and ended up walking 24,000 steps. My feet really were talking to me. Lots of blisters and I go almost yearly. Planing better for this year.

  66. On September 29th of last year -over 21 miles at Epcot / Magic Kingdom

  67. Feb 28th arrived: 21,458
    Feb 29th: 21,495
    Mar 1: 13,740
    Mar 2: 23,072
    Mar 3 last day: 18,990

    I never tire walking at wdw

  68. 40 miles Monday-Saturday. 2 days at Magic Kingdom one day at the other parks and a trip to Disney Springs somewhere inbetween.

  69. I’ve been going to Disney World for around 25 years 21 days each year this is the first year I have decided to see how many miles you walk on vacation surprised to see the amount of miles I could have covered, no wonder I’m still fit at 71 so 18 days round Disney 2days round Universal Studios I will have to buy one off them gadgets to see how many miles I’ll do this December no wonder I sleep well when I get back to hotel and so does my wife. Thank you all for your input it’s surprised me.
    John B.

  70. Our best was just over 11 miles for the day when we were at Epcot for the Food and Wine celebration on Oct 2 2015.

    We averaged over 10 miles a day for the three days we were there.

  71. We just got back and my daughter and I walked between 9-13 miles a day. Now if only we could keep it up at home 😊

  72. I did 30 miles in 5 days back in 2014

  73. can someone please say how long in MINUTES, not miles, that it takes to walk from France (boulangerie in back) to The Land Pavilion? thank you

  74. First day all in over 10 miles, as the days wore on it levelled out at 5 miles per day, up until I took my Fitbit surge off to apply sunscreen, put it on top of the stroller but forgot to put it back on = never seen again

  75. My personal record is just over 14 miles in 1 day, visiting all 4 perks from 10am to 3am.

  76. We walked 19.2km around magic kingdom in one day

  77. Last week my sister and I walked around 25,000 steps a day and at the end of five days had walked 56.8 miles.

  78. 1/10 of a mile under 50 miles in 5 days last week is what my phone logged. Who knows how much we walked when it wasn’t in my pocket!

  79. We walked 106 miles in two weeks – crazy!!!

  80. My husband and I did. Week at WDW without the kids. June 4-11, 2016. Logged 45 miles!

  81. Don’t know if anyone mentioned it, but these maps are out of date.

    • Phil thanks for the heads up! They are a little out of date but for the most part, they are still accurate. I am waiting for them to finish up the changes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios before I make some new update walking distance maps.

  82. We always track miles walked when we’re at WDW. As someone with a mild me bill try impairment, I tend not to move very fast, and we’re DVC members who visit on average four weeks a year and don’t feel the need to see everything in a day. Still, we’ll average 5-7 miles per day. Epcot days are always the most.

    You also have to take other factors into account, though. We stay on property and use Disney Transportation. There’s often a fairly significant walk to the bus stop (or park, if we’re at the Contemporary, the Boardwalk, or the Beach Club), and then you have to walk from the bus stop to the park entrance, which at a park like Epcot is a fair distance in and of itself.

    • Great point about tracking your walking distances at the Resorts. I wonder how much distance I would have in a regular trip just walking from my room to the cafe to get some food or refill my Disney drink mug. I know when I go with all my family we spend a lot of time just wondering around the Resorts talking and enjoying the atmosphere. We spend a lot of time just going to the cafe for that mug refill alone. Also great point about to the bus stops. I know when we stayed at Coronado the one year we were kind of in the middle of the resort on the other side of the lake from the main building so it was definitely a bit of a walk to get to the buses and really anywhere except the pool 🙂

  83. I am an annual passholder and do disney daily. When I first moved here, I ended up going from 240 down to 165. I didnt go for about 3 months and wouldn’t ya know the weight is trying to come back. Back to my 30 days of Disney park cardio.

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